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Wool Felt And Shape Making

Mar 15, 2017

Basic cylinder

1. Take the wool out for the length. First pave the way, the wool will be solid forward roll

2. Place the wool on the work mat and lightly fix the fixed surface of the wool

3. While scrolling the side of the poke, be sure to puncture every place

4. When the semi-felted, began to trim the shape of both ends, making it into a plane

5. Then continue to roll side edge thieves, if there are recessed part of the wool can be used up

6. until the wool becomes tight, completely felted so far

Basic spherical

1. Remove the appropriate amount of wool, the wool folded back, gently rolled into a fluffy cylinder.

2. Place the ends of the fluffy cylinder inwardly, place the working pad, and fix it.

3. While scrolling the side of the thief, be careful not to tie the hand.

4. In the process of felting, need to continue to roll, to avoid deformation of the ball.

5. In the process of feeling the piercing process began to have resistance, the ball has been semi-felted. This time you can repair the wool ball, including the depression, expansion and so on.

6. After the repair is completed, you can continue to felting into the hair ball tight.