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SMS Nonwovens Are Suitable For The Health Market

Jul 21, 2017

SMS nonwovens (English: Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens) is a composite SMS nonwovens, is a spunbond and meltblowing composite products, with high strength, good filter performance, without adhesive, non-toxic, etc. At present, mainly for medical and health labor protection products such as surgical clothing, surgical caps, SMS Nonwoven Fabric protective clothing, hand washing, handbags and so on.

SMS nonwovens is a new type of composite material, is a two-layer spunbond SMS non-woven fabrics and a layer of melt-blown SMS non-woven composite made, SMS Nonwoven Fabric widely used in filter materials, absorbent materials, medical materials, health materials, that Abandoned materials and other fields.

Functional products:

1.15-30GSM products, because of its waterproof breathability, especially for the health market, such as sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diaper, adult incontinence diaper anti-side leakage and back and so on. At the same time as the market development, low-weight products are also widely used in footwear packaging products.

2.40-60GSM products, suitable for use in the medical field, SMS Nonwoven Fabric the production of surgical clothing, surgical cloth, surgical cover cloth, sterilization bandages, wound posts, plaster stickers, etc., also suitable for industrial, for the production of uniforms, protective clothing. SMS products with its good isolation performance, especially after the three anti-static and anti-static treatment of SMS products, SMS Nonwoven Fabric more suitable for high-quality medical care products, has been widely used in the world.

3.65-80GSM products, is a highly efficient filter material, is a special material for packaging within the toner; it is also an excellent oil absorption material, used in industrial waste oil, marine oil cleaning and industrial wipes and so on.

SMS non-woven special treatment

The SMS nonwovens are subjected to various special treatments to meet the customer's requirements for the various special properties of SMS nonwovens. After treatment, SMS nonwovens are resistant to alcohol, SMS Nonwoven Fabric anti-blood and anti-oil function, mainly used in medical surgical clothing, surgical shop.

Antistatic treatment: antistatic SMS nonwovens is mainly used in static electricity has a special environmental requirements of the protective material.

Water treatment: absorbent SMS nonwovens is mainly used in the production of medical supplies, such as surgical hole towel, surgical pad and so on.

Flame retardant treatment: flame retardant SMS nonwovens are widely used in furniture products and aviation supplies.

Antimicrobial deodorant and photocatalyst effect processing: This type of SMS nonwovens is mainly used in the field of household goods.

Anti-ultraviolet treatment: anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging SMS non-woven fabrics are mainly used in agricultural cover cloth, car cover and other fabrics, require sunscreen, SMS Nonwoven Fabric anti-aging effect of the occasion.

Fragrance Treatment: Fragrance SMS nonwovens are used in hygienic products (with mint flavor, lemon flavor, lavender flavor, etc.).