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SMS Non-woven Fabric Has Good Antibacterial Properties

Aug 02, 2017

SMS Non-woven fabric is a composite non-woven fabric, is a composite of spunbonded and melt spraying products, with high strength, good filtration performance, no adhesives, non-toxic and other advantages. SMS Nonwoven Fabric At present, mainly used in medical and health protection products such as surgical clothing, surgical caps, protective clothing, hand-washing clothing, handbags and so on.

The best antibacterial finishing technology and antibacterial effect of the SMS Nonwoven fabric. 4 Factors 3 Horizontal orthogonal test was designed, the antibacterial finishing of SMS Non-woven fabric was carried out by the impregnation drying method, the SMS samples were obtained after 9 pieces were collated, SMS Nonwoven Fabric the antibacterial properties of the samples were tested by the oscillation method, and the bacteriostatic rate of the samples was calculated. The results show that the SMS Non-woven fabric without anti-bacterial finishing is not antibacterial, and the SMS Non-woven fabric with anti-bacterial finishing has good antibacterial properties. SMS Nonwoven Fabric The effect of various factors on finishing effect of the order is: finishing agent concentration "immersion time" drying temperature drying time. SMS Nonwoven Fabric The best finishing process is: Finishing agent quality concentration 40g/l, impregnation time 30min, drying temperature 100 ℃, drying time 6min. The results showed that antibacterial finishing gave the excellent antibacterial properties of the SMS Nonwoven fabric.

Use of SMS Nonwovens

(1) Medical and health cloth: surgical clothing, protective clothing, disinfection kits, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, etc.

(2) Home decoration cloth: paste wall, tablecloth, bed linen, bedspread, etc.

(3) With cloth: lining, adhesive lining, floc, stereotypes cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather base cloth, etc.

(4) Industrial fabrics: filtration materials, insulating materials, SMS Nonwoven Fabric cement packaging bags, geotextile, coated cloth, etc.

(5) Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedling cloth, SMS Nonwoven Fabric irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc.

(6) Environmental protection materials: sanitation products such as filter non-woven fabric, absorbent, etc.

(7) Heat insulating cloth: insulating material and garment accessories

(8) Anti-feather Nonwoven

(9) Other: space cotton, thermal insulation materials and so on.