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Print Nonwovens Popular With The Public

May 27, 2017

Printing non-woven fabrics because of its beautiful appearance and popular favorite.It has two kinds of production methods: First, directly on the non-woven printing; Second, Printed Nonwoven Fabric in the PP film, PE film and then printed on the composite Nonwovens. So it is both beautiful appearance and non-woven fabrics commonly used characteristics, such non-woven fabrics with waterproof, non-toxic, durable, light and other properties. Printed Nonwoven Fabric Commonly used in gifts, flowers, and other packaging, can also be made of beautiful tablecloths, curtains and so on.

Printing non-woven fabrics are textile, chemical, vertical materials, paper industry, the staggered edge products

In the range of printed nonwovens products, some products are closer to textiles (such as yarn layer stitching nonwovens). Some closer to the plastic (such as membrane fissure nonwovens), Printed Nonwoven Fabric and some closer to the paper (for example, some wet nonwovens, some map dedicated non-woven fabrics and banknotes non-woven).

Printed nonwoven fabric structure

In the organizational structure and the woven fabric, knitted fabric distinction

Woven fabrics and knitted fabrics are cloth, Printed Nonwoven Fabric but they are based on yarn or chemical fiber filament as the basic raw material. According to a certain geometric structure through the intertwined or woven from. In the woven fabric or knitted fabric, the stability of the geometric structure depends entirely on the yarn in the fiber between the fiber and the cohesion between the yarn and yarn friction and knitting force. From the woven fabric structure can be seen, the warp and weft intertwined, warp and weft squeeze each other, to prevent the deformation of the fabric by external forces, so the structure of the fabric is generally very stable. Printed Nonwoven Fabric But lack of flexibility. In the fabric structure. The ring-shaped structures formed by the yarns are connected to each other. When the fabric is subjected to an external force, the yarns of the yarns are intertwined with a certain degree of displacement. Therefore, Printed Nonwoven Fabric the knitted fabric has good elasticity, and in daily life we have experience.

Printed nonwovens to be used to print exquisite animals, stars, animation games and other fashionable chic high-definition pictures, as well as right angles, rounded corners and the use of different printing process to form a thick version of the special effects.

Hot-solid ink thick screen printing process in the T-shirt clothing, handbags printing has become a popular trend. Because the thermosetting ink is non-solvent type ink, it can print fine lines, and the surface is smooth, fastness, with no dry version, no smell, high solid content, good scraping printing, both manual printing, but also the whole Automatic machine printing, etc., so we use more heat-solid ink for thick printing. Thick ink has high hiding power spot color, translucent, transparent and other types.