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PP Non-woven Fabric With Good Performance

Oct 11, 2017

PP Non-woven fabric main components are polypropylene, good pp Non-woven fabric is full of polypropylene melt.

The exact name of PP Non-woven fabric should be nonwoven or Non-woven. Because it is a fabric that does not require spinning and weaving, it simply directs or randomly supports textile staple fibres or filaments to form a fiber-net structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. With soft, PP Nonwoven Fabric breathable and planar structure of the new fiber products, the advantage is not to produce fiber chips, strong, durable, silky soft, but also the feeling of cotton, compared with cotton fabrics, pp non-woven bag easy to form, and Low-cost.

PP Non-woven fabric is the use of chemical fiber spinning principle, in the polymer spinning process to make continuous filament paved network, long silk fiber network after acupuncture, spunlace, chemical bonding, hot-rolled bonding or hot-air bonding method to form nonwovens. Spunbonded production technology can adapt to different kinds of polymers, short process, and flexible and diverse, technology mature, PP Nonwoven Fabric high technology content, high degree of automation, and spinning speed doubled, single fiber strength greatly improved, fiber more and more fine, into the network faster and faster, into the network uniformity is getting better. Its production has accounted for 60% $number of the World nonwovens total production, the application scope is also more and more extensive. PP Non-woven fabric is composed of continuous filament, therefore, it has good tensile strength, PP Nonwoven Fabric the filament density of nonwoven fabric can be small, the range is wide, and the fiber net can be strengthened by a variety of methods, which gives the product a good application performance and enhances the competition. As pp Non-woven fabric by continuous filament paved into the net directly into the cloth, the fiber utilization coefficient is high, PP Nonwoven Fabric the unit area coverage is large, the coating performance is good, so it can be processed into the low density of non-woven fabric, this is a variety of other non-woven fabric can not be compared. Generally speaking, pp Non-woven composite strength of high level, smooth surface lint-free, soft, folding wear-resistant, good shading, breathable performance, good water absorption, PP Nonwoven Fabric at the same time heat, acid, alkali, mildew proofing, good dimensional stability, easy to process, easy to recycle.

It is because PP Non-woven fabric production process is simple, the process is short, the product cost is low, the structure is unique, the technical performance is superior, therefore is widely used in the automobile industry, its usage quantity is far larger than other kinds of non-woven fabric. PP Non-woven fabric not only as a variety of automotive interior decoration materials, PP Nonwoven Fabric but also can be used as a vehicle sealing waterproof material, can be used as a vehicle reinforced skeleton material, but also as a variety of automotive packaging protection materials, but also ideal for automotive industry filter materials.