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PP Non-woven Fabric Has Excellent Air Permeability

Nov 01, 2017

PP Non-woven fabric by including chemical fiber and plant fiber in the water or air as a suspension medium in the wet or dry method of paper-making machine, although for cloth and not through the textile is called pp Non-woven fabric. PP Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with strong, breathable waterproof, environmental protection, flexibility, non-toxic tasteless, PP Nonwoven Fabric and cheap and other advantages. It is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with waterproof, breathable, flexible, do not combustion, non-toxic no irritation, rich colors and so on. If the material is placed outdoors by natural decomposition, its longest life expectancy is only 90 days, in the interior within 8 years of decomposition, burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without any left-handed substances, so as not to pollute the environment, so environmental protection. PP Non-woven products rich color, bright and crisp, stylish environmental protection, wide range of uses, beautiful and generous, PP Nonwoven Fabric patterns and styles are diverse, and light quality, environmental protection, recyclable, is recognized as the protection of the Earth's eco-friendly products. Suitable for agricultural film, shoes, leather, mattress, sub-mother, decoration, chemical, printing, automotive, building materials, furniture and other industries, and clothing interlining, PP Nonwoven Fabric medical and health disposable surgical clothing, masks, hats, bed linen, hotel disposable tablecloth, beauty, sauna and even today's fashionable gift bags, boutique bags, shopping bags, advertising bags and so on. Environmental protection products, wide range of uses, economic benefits.

With light weight, environmental protection, moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, flame-retardant, non-toxic no stimulation, recyclable and other characteristics, is recognized internationally to protect the Earth's eco-friendly products, is widely used in various types of rice flour packaging, such as: wheat flour, corn flour, buckwheat powder.

PP Non-woven fabric using poly-propylene as raw materials, PP Nonwoven Fabric through high-temperature melting, wire mesh, hot-rolled bonding, winding slitting and other continuous production process.

Product Features:

1, high strength, vertical and horizontal strength difference is small

2, acid and alkali, non-toxic, no radiation, harmless to human physiology

3, with excellent air permeability

4, Color masterbatch dyeing, never fade.

Product use:

Widely used in packaging shopping bags, tourism supplies accessories, PP Nonwoven Fabric disposable medical supplies, automotive supplies, daily necessities, industrial, agricultural supplies and other fields, is to replace the traditional cloth and paper-type revolutionary products.

1, packaging supplies: Environmental protection bags, shopping bags, suit sets, lightweight wardrobe, storage boxes and so on.

2, Hotel Hygiene Supplies: Hotel supplies, including washcloth, slippers, health bags, sheets, tablecloths, pillowcases and other disposable pp Non-woven supplies.

3, Medical and health supplies: Mainly used for protection, isolation, such as cleaning, paint use, as well as hospital surgical clothing, health shoes, masks, PP Nonwoven Fabric visits to patients with the need to wear isolation clothing.