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PP Non-woven Fabric Has Excellent Air Permeability

Oct 20, 2017

PP Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, no combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic no irritation, rich color, low price, recyclable and other characteristics. PP Nonwoven Fabric The material in the outdoor 90 days can be natural decomposition, in the indoor service life of up to 5 years, when burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without any left-handed substances, so as not to pollute the environment, is recognized internationally as the protection of the Earth's eco-friendly products.

PP Non-woven Fabric Advantages:

1. Lightweight: Polypropylene resin as the main production raw materials, PP Nonwoven Fabric the proportion of only 0.9, only cotton three-fifths, with fluffy, feel good.

2. Non-toxic, no excitant: The product uses conforms to the FDA food grade raw material production, does not contain other chemical composition, the performance is stable, non-toxic, does not have the peculiar smell, does not irritate the skin.

3. Antibacterial, chemical resistance: polypropylene is a chemical blunt substances, not moth-eaten, and can isolate the existence of bacteria and insects in the liquid erosion; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, PP Nonwoven Fabric finished products do not affect the intensity of corrosion.

4. Good physical property. From polypropylene spinning directly into the net heat bonding, product strength is better than general staple fiber products, strength without direction, PP Nonwoven Fabric vertical and horizontal strength similar.

5. In the area of environmental protection, most PP Non-woven materials used are polypropylene, and the raw materials of plastic bags are polyethylene, although the two substances are similar in name, they differ very far in chemical structure.

PP Non-woven fabric main components are polypropylene, PP Nonwoven Fabric good pp Non-woven fabric is full of polypropylene melt.

PP Non-woven Fabric Specifications:

1, grams Weight: 9-300g/m2

2. Gate width: 1-240 cm

3, Color: At present, the general color library color has more than 500 kinds, but also according to customer requirements of color version of the production

Product Features:

1, high strength, vertical and horizontal strength difference is small

2, acid and alkali, non-toxic, no radiation, PP Nonwoven Fabric harmless to human physiology

3, with excellent air permeability

4, Color masterbatch dyeing, never fade.

PP Non-woven fabric is widely used in packaging shopping bags, travel supplies accessories, disposable medical supplies, automotive supplies, daily necessities, industrial, agricultural supplies and other fields, is to replace the traditional cloth and paper revolutionary products.

1, packaging supplies: Environmental protection bags, shopping bags, suit sets, lightweight wardrobe, storage boxes and so on.

2, Hotel Hygiene Supplies: Hotel supplies, including washcloth, slippers, health bags, sheets, tablecloths, PP Nonwoven Fabric pillowcases and other disposable pp Non-woven supplies.

3, Medical and health supplies: Mainly used for protection, isolation, such as cleaning, paint use, as well as hospital surgical clothing, health shoes, masks, PP Nonwoven Fabric visits to patients with the need to wear isolation clothing.