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Learn About Chemical Fiber Felt

Mar 15, 2017

Because of the different sources of polymer compounds used, can be divided into natural polymer materials as raw materials of synthetic fibers and synthetic polymer materials as raw materials of synthetic fibers. Referred to as chemical fiber. Through the ratio of processed by acupuncture machine.

Chemical fiber felt of the expansion of the line is better, can reach the required length can be used for leather rolling belt, paper-making pulp with a good warm,

Chemical fiber felt with moisturizing and flexible can be made of automotive doors and windows seal, the central doors and windows seals.

Use of chemical fiber blankets

Chemical fiber felt can be used to strip the blanket to prevent scratches.

Chemical fiber felt for garment factory, as lining.

Chemical fiber blankets for the package factory, made of wallet, IPAD bag, handbag, etc., can be dyed, made of various colors of the package.