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How To Carry Out The Maintenance Of Wool Felt

Mar 15, 2017

● often use high-quality soft brush to the surface of the dust to keep the wool felt fabric bright colors and appearance effects.

● from time to time to let the wool fabric rest, in order to facilitate the time of wool fiber breath, restore natural characteristics.

● Wool fiber has a natural stain resistance, but if you are not careful contaminated dirt, please deal as soon as possible, so as not to leave traces. Do not use warm, hot water or bleach to clean the stains of wool products; if you want to rub, please be sure to gently, so as not to damage the fiber quality.

● surface due to friction and hair ball produced directly to a small scissors can be cut off, will not affect the appearance of wool felt.

● collection, please wash clean, completely dry, sealed can be installed.