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Flame-retardant Non-woven Fabric For Environmental Protection Materials

Sep 14, 2017

Flame-retardant Non-woven fabric for flame-retardant power cable, flame-retardant rubber cable, flame-retardant marine cable, flame-retardant high-temperature silicone rubber cable and other cables flame-retardant wrap. Flame-retardant Non-woven fabric for environmental protection materials, burning smoke density is low.

Flame-retardant Non-woven fabric by material can be divided into three categories: Polyester flame-retardant non-woven fabric, Fire-retardant Nonwoven Fabric polypropylene flame-retardant Non-woven fabric and adhesive-retardant non-woven fabric.

including Non-woven layer and bonded to the top of the non-woven layer of the flame-retardant layer, the Non-woven fabric layer through embossing, the surface of the formation of a pattern, the non-woven layer bottom surface with a warm layer. Using the above technical scheme, when the flame-retardant non-woven fabric is heated by fire, Fire-retardant Nonwoven Fabric the flame retardant layer on the top surface of the nonwoven layer can heat and absorb heat, reduce the surface temperature of non-woven layer, with good flame-retardant effect, the other embossing pattern can give the flame-retardant Non-woven fabric good stereo effect, improve the availability of flame-retardant non-woven fabric, At the same time, the setting of the warm layer makes the non-woven fabric have good insulation performance and enlarge its use range.

Non-woven flame-retardant non-woven fabrics are completely not flammable, flame-retardant fiber, carbon fiber and other mechanical processing, Fire-retardant Nonwoven Fabric in electronic and electrical appliances, automobiles, civil or industrial fields can be replaced by foreign products.

Flame-Retardant Non-woven fabric Features:

1. Environmental protection, halogen-free and harmful heavy metals (in line with RoHS standards and European and American Halogen Test standards)

2. Non-conductive (Good insulation)

3. Fire-retardant Nonwoven Fabric Weak acid weak base (good chemical stability)

4. Permanent flame-retardant (continuous temperature 248 ℃, instantaneous temperature 1400 ℃)

5. Fire-retardant Nonwoven Fabric Uniform cloth, wear-resistant, good strength (feel can be divided soft, medium and hard)

6. Good die-cutting performance (easy cutting and punching, cut neat without burrs)