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Felt Selection Should Pay Attention To What Matters

Mar 15, 2017

1. Felt volume per unit weight (g / cm 3), too large will lose flexibility, the unit weight is too small and will lose wear resistance. Thickness, hair thickness and so on have a variety of performance impact, the use of units can be properly selected according to the use of requirements, the best time to inform the use of the product, so as not to affect the production use.

2. The current varieties of different felt carpets, general felt. The difference between the varieties according to the thickness of the raw materials, the weight of the unit size of the weight (that is, the density of loose) and the difference between the color to distinguish: technical requirements are different, according to the strength, elongation, capillary action to divide, the use of units according to need To be selected. Inspection, this standard can be tested.

Felt specifications type Description When ordering blankets as long as the standard category by the name of the product number, and put forward the thickness, length and width and other specifications can be, if you need to dye, and at the same time to bring color requirements.