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Structure and working principle of feeding box for non - woven production of key unit

Mar 15, 2017

The main function is to fully open the mixed fiber after treatment into a uniform cotton, into the next into a network equipment (carding machine or airflow Into a network machine). In the non-woven production line, the feeding box is the connection equipment between the equipment and the equipment. The quality of the fiber layer of the cotton feed box directly affects the quality of the network forming equipment, especially the carding machine. At present, the widely used cotton feed box of the non-woven fabric factory has the vibration of the air-fed cotton box and the vibration plate hundreds of times per minute and the weight of the fiber itself to overcome the resistance between the wall and the wall. , And continuously and continuously feed the carding machine. Pneumatic cotton box as a result of the use of air pressure, self-leveling control, so that the output of the fiber layer in the density and uniformity is better than vibration cotton box, but when the line density is greater than 11dtex, curl is insufficient, holding force is not strong Fiber or fiber length greater than 76mm, it is more appropriate to use vibration cotton box....