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Nonwovens equipment has the following advantages

Mar 15, 2017

First, the use of a wide range of raw materials, product variety, such as inorganic fiber, metal fiber, a variety of functional fibers, recycled fiber and other textile industry is difficult to process the original. Due to the diversity of raw materials, the variety and function of the product are more diverse, and the scope of application and the prospect of development are very broad.

Second, the production process is simple, high labor efficiency. This feature facilitates the use of process equipment, while conducive to the experimental study of technology.

Third, the production speed, high yield. This is also the main reason for the rapid development of nonwovens equipment industry

Fourth, the process changes, the product uses wide.

At present, the non-woven equipment manufacturing in the ubiquitous problem is a new equipment out, we are trying to imitate how the equipment made, many of the equipment through the mapping device made out, whether good or bad, while debugging, While groping. This result is a low success rate, long time consuming, costly investment.