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Non - woven equipment to enhance the level of help textile industry

Mar 15, 2017

In recent years, China's industrial molding technology and non-woven equipment, the level of continuous improvement, especially in the production speed and width are greater progress, such as complete sets of sms non-woven equipment, breaking the speed of 400m / min, width up to 7m; Acupuncture machine needle frequency up to 2000rpm, breaking the spunbond filter sets of non-woven equipment and water felt felt complete sets of processing equipment, ultra-wide shuttle loom effective width of up to 7.4m, Up to 1500g / ㎡, especially for ultra-wide, high-density, heavy-duty industry with fabric weaving, multi-axial warp equipment R & D success greatly enhance the fiber fabric tensile strength, elastic modulus, tear resistance And so on, with a strong design, good raw material adaptability, low production costs, high production efficiency. Multi-axial warp knitted fabric as a composite material of reinforced materials, has now been widely used in wind power, aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction and many other fields.

The industry in a single functional finishing, ancillary equipment and other special non-woven equipment made a lot of breakthroughs, for example, non-woven fabric late finishing has already have the ability to industrial, PTFE foam layer dynamic processing equipment to improve the filtration accuracy , To reduce energy consumption, the domestic hand 5500mm ultra-wide intelligent stereotypes to solve the wide fabric temperature difference problems and so on.